C Pro Food is a 100% natural and 100% Belgian super premium kibble brand. Thanks to this “high-end” designation, these products offer tasty and a variety of recipes. Each recipe is studied and developed in order to provide your dog with the most in terms of canine nutrition.

A healthy lifestyle and good nutrition are essential for the good physical and mental development of your pet. For several years, the dog nutrition market has seen many types of food appear. It is important to choose your dog's food based on certain characteristics. This is why, C Pro Food offers you a recipe adapted to each stage of your dog's life. This will allow it to meet all of its physiological and nutritional needs according to its rhythm of life, its physical condition, its size, its race, its weight, its specificities as well as its preferences. In addition, C Pro Food adapts the size of its kibbles according to the size of your dog to allow better chewing.

« The product offered by C Pro Food allows my dog to have a balanced digestion, in addition the weight of the bags is ideal and offers a very affordable price / quality ratio. »

« The 100% Belgian product with quality food, my dog never gets tired of these kibbles. It is a product with a more than reasonable price / quality ratio! »

« The C Pro Food brand offers several recipes and in addition they are suitable for all types of dogs. I have several dogs at home and each has their own C Pro Food recipe. »